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Poll: Most Vancouver Canucks Fans Would ‘Never’ Root for USA



vancouver canucks, Boeser and Hughes
Brock Boeser and Quinn Hughes of the Vancouver Canucks.

There’s one interesting hook when asking whether or not Vancouver Canucks fans would root for Team USA men’s hockey at the Winter Olympics and that of course is the fact that as many as four Vancouver Canucks could be playing for the Americans. That was part of the poll question.

The context was interesting as well, in that the 24-hour poll was conducted leading up to a head-to-head match-up between the two countries, Canada and USA, in the Womens World Championship Gold Medal game. While the Team USA women lost that game 3-2 in overtime, the Team USA men generally won the poll. That despite the fact that the number-one poll option went against them.

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First place: 35.7% of fans said they would never root for Team USA under any circumstances. Interesting caveat; would you root or pull for an individual American Vancouver Canuck to play well? And how does that work within the team’s win/lose dynamic? What if Brock Boeser is your favourite player?

It’s pretty obvious that those fans who have Americans as favourite Canucks voted another way.

28.6% did indicate they would root for Team USA against all the other teams, and another 21.4% said they’d cheer for the Americans against certain countries.

None said they pull for the Yanks over the Russians specifically, but 14.3% said that they would specifically do so when the US was playing China.

Eeeenteresting. Do these percentages match-up with your family and friends and their sentiments about the US and maybe it’s hockey team? Definitely non-scientific, probably not surprising when you think about it, but a fun little poll to check out.

Covid permitting, we’ll all get a chance to find out come February in Beijing. The two North American countries, the two Baltic countries, and Russia would be the toss up favourites with Canada getting a slight edge.

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