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Canucks, Canada NHL Coaches on Remembrance Day



Vancouver Canucks, Winnipeg Jets
Head Coaches Travis Green of the Vancouver Canucks and Paul Maurice of the Winnipeg Jets.

Short and simple folks. Vancouver Canucks Head Coach Travis Green, Winnipeg Jets Head Coach Paul Maurice, and Calgary Flames Assistant Coach Kirk Muller on Remembrance Day.

“Try to take a moment during the day to remember the people who have given up a lot, to have what we have today,” Green said. “You talk to a lot of Canadians, you’re always proud, proud to be a Canadian, and it’s a special day as far as remembering what others have done to make our country what it is.”

“Well, it’s a special day, and for me I would prefer it was on an off day and that everyone got into their work environments and appreciated the sacrifice of all these men and women made to allow those environments to be here,” Maurice said. “And, it’s my wife’s birthday today so I never forget this day. This is a really important day in our family, she’s a history teacher, so it’s a special day for us and I hope we all take time to appreciate the sacrifices made and are still being made by a lot of people, by a lot of Canadians, to allow us to go to our work environments and enjoy them. I think they should be appreciated in that.”

“I think like a lot of Canadians I’m very proud of today,” Muller said. “I listened to my mother, her uncles, seven brothers, went over and fought in the war and unfortunately not all of them came back, so I think everyone has stories like that. We’re proud Canadians, we’re proud of our history and a lot of people as we all know, sacrificed a lot for us, so it’s nice that we’ve kept that tradition and remember these people on a special day like today.”

The Vancouver Canucks play in Denver this evening (Thursday) against the Colorado Avalanche. Notes.

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