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Uh Oh – The Canucks Prediction Record is Dropping – Maybe



Vancouver Canucks, Elias Pettersson
Vancouver Canucks forward Elias Pettersson.

Time to update the September Vancouver Canucks prediction attempts. The record is slipping. They weren’t your typical mundane set of NHL prognostications, it was a pretty decent variety pack, ranging from silly to perilous. And just when I thought I was looking smart, the calendar has brought another one of them to fruition. Or not.

The story was entitled “Five (Too) Early Predictions for the Vancouver Canucks” and was posted on September 6th. Early on I was looking very good. Lately I’m looking a little less geniusy. That’s not a real word on purpose just to drive home the point.

There were actually six predictions and the bonus one came true first. I said that Quinn Hughes and Elias Pettersson would sign before October 1st. Bingo. They signed October 1st, but the news of the agreement broke two nights before on September 29th. We need a ruling from the Romanian judge.

I felt good about that one even though I wasn’t exactly sticking my neck out.

The next one came to pass beautifully. I predicted that the Vancouver Canucks would go 3-2-and-1 on their season opening six-game road trip. They went exactly 3-2-and-1.

The next one to come along, and this is the first time I’m checking in with it because there again might be some mild controversy — “Conor Garland will have twelve goals by Christmas.”

OK, so he’s scored ten. But wait! Four Vancouver Canucks games were postponed before Christmas, three have been played since then. So technically, I have one more to work with to get back to the number of games that WOULD have been played by Christmas. I need two goals from Garland against the Panthers on Tuesday night.

He’s pulling for me. In fact, Garland empathizes with and supports my prediction and my plight.

“Yeah, we were playing Arizona before Christmas and that’s a game I had circled,” Garland told me on Saturday. “And I had one called back in Boston, so that’s fair enough.”

I think what he’s trying to say is, I would have been spot on. Damn it! And until he said it I hadn’t even thought about one of the four postponed matches being against his former club! Huge motivation.

Oh well, if he gets two in Sunrise, I think it’s proof I’m in pretty good with the hockey gods. It also means my record is perfect.

OR … I could wait until the four postponed games are actually played and see if he gets two goals. Hmm.

I’m not going to evaluate the progress on the other three until the calendar calls for it, it’s bad luck. You can see what the others were by clicking on the link early on in this story.

I will say this: two of them aren’t looking very good but the most important one has improved dramatically. As the old saying goes … we shall see.

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