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Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver Canucks: Win 5 in a Row – Period!



Vancouver Canucks
The Vancouver Canucks celebrate a goal. Something they'll need to do a boatload of in the next eight games.

It’s that simple. The Vancouver Canucks have to go on a five game winning streak. That’s it.

Can’t look ahead? OK, don’t.

One shift at a time? How’s that working for you?

60-minutes of hockey? Try 300!

The Canucks need to beat the Vegas Golden Knights, the Vegas Golden Knights again, the Arizona Coyotes, the San Jose Sharks and Vegas Golden Knights yet again consecutively. Period. If not, it’s the slow roll to the non-postseason, tee time jokes, and looking ahead to next year.

This is the best part of the Canucks schedule in terms of strength of opponent combined with head-to-head opportunity. Three with Vegas! Seriously?

By the way, after these next five, it’s Arizona again, Dallas head-to-head, and then the Ottawa Senators. Hello!

Should we call for a vintage Bruce Boudreau eight-game winning streak? Yes, sounds crazy, but guess what, your season’s almost over.

Get serious? Who’s not being serious? Do it or it’s all over. We’ll joke about it later.

That thing the St. Louis Blues have on the Vancouver Canucks, well, so far the Canucks seem to have it on the Dallas Stars.

As for the massive set of games against the Vegas Golden Knights? Hard to say. The Canucks lost in Vegas waaaaay back on November 13th when Vancouver was playing for head coach Travis Green and the Golden Knights were a much healthier team.

Guess what. It’ll come down to hard work and desire. That part never changes.

If nothing else, how about winning one for the home folks. A loss Sunday would mean the Canucks drop below .500 at home this season. Unacceptable.

“I think the rest of the year you’ve gotta look at it like a playoff series,” Canucks winger Tanner Pearson said Thursday. “The games against them (Vegas) are big, but the games against every team are big. We talked about it today. Treat it like playoffs. We’ve gotta win more than the four-out-of-seven though, but at least that’s something there that we can focus on.”

Go ahead, take it one game at at time, just do it (at least) five times in a row.

No pressure.

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