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Vancouver Canucks Players Chant?? ‘Bruce, He Should Stay!’



As much as Vancouver Canucks Head Coach Bruce Boudreau doesn’t want the attention when fans chant “Bruce, There It Is” after goals and other big moments at Rogers Arena, the Canucks players don’t have a problem with it at all.

Although not finalized yet, there’s a likelihood ‘Gabby’ will be back next season as Canucks bench boss, and based on testimonials from the Vancouver players as the season wound down, that decision would be enthusiastically well received.

“Bruce is awesome,” Canucks defenceman Tyler Myers stated in the final postgame player interview of the season. “The thing I think I love most about Bruce is he’s very easy to talk to, just when you’re sitting with him in the dressing room, he’s very approachable and personable and he was awesome when he came in.”

“Bruce is great,” Elias Pettersson said on April 14th before a game against the Coyotes. “He comes with good advice and let’s me play and has a lot of confidence in me. The better I play the more trust he has in me so I’m just trying to keep that belief he has in me.”

From Americans to Swedes to even the team’s one Russian Vasily Podkolzin, who spoke practically no English when the season started, the support for Boudreau appears consistent. The coach talks to the Moscow native every day and has extreme credibility from having worked with another young Russian when he coached the Washington Capitals, some sniper named “Ovie”.

“I remember when I meet with (Alexander) Ovechkin, he tell me Bruce can help me with my career, like a player and like a person too,” Podkolzin said on Thursday morning. “He’s a great coach, I’m happy to work with him and I hope we work with him next season.”

Obviously for ‘Pods’ and others, “Bruce, There it is” is pretty catchy, while Boudreau’s coaching style has obviously caught on.

“I think the way we played as a group just kind of shows what we think of him,” Myers added. “I thought the group played really hard for him and it’s a testament to what he did when he came in.”

Boudreau has asserted his desire to return to Vancouver after going 32-15-and-10 since taking over the team on December 6th.

As of early Saturday morning, no option to extend Boudreau has been exercised or announced by the Vancouver Canucks.

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