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Bruce Boudreau: No Canucks Assistants Yet, Busy Summer



VHN had a little chat with Vancouver Canucks Head Coach Bruce Boudreau on Monday, mostly to talk about his fun summer exploits, but naturally some hockey business bled into the conversation. It was “Simmer’s Morning Skate” meets “Gabby’s Summer of Fun”.

I said ‘one question about the Canucks’, but the conversation took a turn back there later.

The main topic of concern or interest for Vancouver Canucks fans would be the status of Gabby’s assistant coaches. Simply put, the process is underway and continues.

As for rumours that assistant coach Brad Shaw could depart for a head coaching job somewhere, Boudreau had nothing to offer.

As an aside, it’s believed Shaw could leave only for an ‘upgrade’, which would mean an associate or head coaching position elsewhere in the NHL. He’s listed as an assistant coach with the Vancouver Canucks. He’d have an out for a head coaching job for sure.

Boudreau is in communication with coaches, management and staff in the Canucks organization multiple times a day to figure out ways for the team to ultimately get better, and will look for new ideas or trends by watching elite NHL teams like the Tampa Bay Lightning and Colorado Avalanche.

“Basically all day, every day already,” Boudreau said, “I’m talking to people in the organization, the coaches, we have had a few conversations already today, I’ve had four conversations with people in our organization about next year and how do we go about it? What things can we improve depending on who I’m talking to.

“So it’s like my mind is always there, especially when we’re watching games. These days you watch the games and you’re looking at where can we improve? What is that is Tampa doing? What was Carolina doing? What is Colorado doing, that we can use, that could make us a better team.”

Quote of the Day

“Well you can see I’m in great shape right now, there’s little I need to do to my body for, other than to be in a Mr. Universe contest … but I won’t actually get on the ice until our hockey school starts in August.”

Cubs and Blue Ox

There’s another whole hockey business that keeps the entire Boudreau family busy in the summer and that’s junior hockey. He has interest in a team in Minnesota and an even greater stake in one in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It’s remarkable to hear about the growth of the sport at the various junior levels around North America and the number of players heading down from north of the border.

During the Covid pandemic, a number of talented junior players, 16 and 17-year-old Canadians kids, headed south to play in his league when games and leagues weren’t available back home.

Today, the recruiting season and the development prep continues throughout the summer.

Watch the entire conversation with Bruce Boudreau above or by clicking here.

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