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Canucks Granato: Vancouver Has Decided on Its Draft Pick



vancouver canucks, cammi granato
Vancouver Canucks Assistant General Manager Cammi Granato.

Vancouver Canucks Assistant General Manager Cammi Granato told the media Wednesday morning that the club’s NHL Draft group has decided upon a player they’d like to select at 15th-overall.

Subject to change.

“All the scenarios we play though,” Granato said. “If the guy that we’re wanting gets taken ahead, you go on to the next guy on our list. We are prepared for when a player might get taken ahead. So that’s all a part of getting ready for the draft.”

Another scenario involves a team making a higher pick available via trade. Aside from the New Jersey Devils advertising the 2nd-overall pick for weeks now, stories persist Wednesday that suggest the Ottawa Senators would be willing to part with the 7th-overall selection.

Granato says the team will be prepared to examine all of the options that present themselves.

She also pointed out that arriving on a decision for their favourite option at number-15 was constructive and involved positive communication.

“Everyone has a different opinion,” Granato stated. “One thing with our group is that communication is strong. You don’t really want everyone to have the same mind or the same outlook. They were more like discussions rather than arguments. We have diversity, hockey people from all different backgrounds, so it’s been very positive, hashing things out to get to the player.”

There was no acknowledgement one way or the other on whether Vancouver Canucks centre JT Miller could be on the immediate trading block. Meanwhile, at this point there appears to be no rush to sign the player.

The 7th-overall pick from Ottawa, obtained by whatever means, would likely make more sense than trying to move up to number-two, but one gets the sense it’s not presently in the cards for the Vancouver Canucks braintrust.

The first round of the 2022 NHL Draft begins at 4 pm pacific on Thursday.

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