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THAT’S the Canucks 3rd Jersey?! Fish Sticks Man Lives



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The NHL retro 3rd jersey collection apparently includes the Vancouver Canucks use of Johnny Canuck.

Call it “3rd-Jersey-gate”, although I mostly don’t understand the fuss. I am actually pretty stoked if the Vancouver Canucks are using Johnny Canuck as a retro or alternative extra emblem. It’s ties everything together, including the hockey family that includes the AHL Abbotsford club.

Since I’m hardly a fashionista, or would it be fashionisto, or fashioneutral in these politically correct times, I might be missing something. Wouldn’t the NHL want these emblems released early, kind of like a “there is no such thing as bad publicity” thingee.

The Scandal

OK, that’s sensationalism, but we’ll go with it. What happened is, Chris Creamer of spotted a new line of merchandise on Fanatics, called the “Special Edition” line. Basically this is the 2022-’23 NHL alternative jersey line released prematurely. We think.

Sheng Peng at San Jose Hockey Now was the first to jump on the story with intriguing questions like, “Is this further confirmation that the San Jose Sharks will be looking to the California Golden Seals for their 2022-23 Reverse Retro jersey?”

Darn right Penger!

He was able to answer his own question and then provide a quick history lesson for younger hockey fans in the Bay Area.

And lo and behold, Fanatics is selling this “Special Edition” t-shirt that features “Sharks” in California Golden Seals colours, Pacific teal and gold, and similar typography.

The Seals were part of the NHL’s 1967-68 expansion, but they only used the “California Golden Seals” moniker from 1970 to 1976. Playing out of Oakland, they were also known as the California Seals and Oakland Seals and Bay Area Seals before the franchise moved to Cleveland in 1976. In 1991-92, the expansion San Jose Sharks kicked off a new era of NHL hockey in the Bay Area.

He also pointed out that Fanatics had taken down some or all of these “new” NHL product listings.

Why?! Why secret? Who cares if you oopsy-daisy’ed the launch. Don’t make this the ‘upper body/lower body injury’ of fan fashion.

By the way, other questions arise. Like what the hell is that flying nut on the Edmonton Oilers 3rd jersey?

Yes, I know, it’s been used before, but I don’t get it. It’s like a greasy flying Cogswell Cog or a Spacely Sprocket. (For Vancouver Canucks fans under 50, that’s a “Jetsons” reference, a prime time cartoon that ran in the early 1960’s starring George Jetson, Jane his wife, daughter Judy, his boy Elroy, and a clever dog named Astro. Apparently they made more episodes in the mid-80’s but we don’t count those).

Quick other critiques: Similar to the Sharks utilizing a bit of a Golden Seals feel, the Avalanche are busting out a look from the old Colorado Rockies. Two thumbs up.

It looks like the New Jersey Devils marketing staff ran a 3rd jersey idea past Lou and he said “yeah, we’re not doing that.” (That’s a retro/flashback management reference. Weirdly it applies in this case. Don’t go out on a limb, Devils)

The Kraken “S” looks just like the Kraken “S”, but then again it’s hard to go retro when you’re a year old.

Then of course there’s the New York Islanders fisherman. An emblem that should have been “sleeping with the fishes” a long time ago.

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