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Optimism Limited with Canucks GM Allvin on Bo Horvat Contract



Vancouver Canucks, Patrik Allvin
Vancouver Canucks General Manager Patrik Allvin.

In his first nine months at the helm, Canucks General Manager Patrik Allvin has been relatively forthcoming compared to most in his position, whether on purpose or by accident. Either he took “keep your mouth shut” management training over the summer or he’s genuinely neutral on the club’s contract negotiations with captain Bo Horvat.

The point of his Tuesday morning media meeting was to discuss the signing of JT Miller last week, but we didn’t really learn anything VHN hadn’t reported last Friday. To rehash it would be to rehash it. In summary, Miller’s excited, the negotiations came together and to fruition in a burst of discussions over a 48-hour period last week, and the Canucks are glad to have him.

One note, VHN asked of Miller’s no-trade clause that kicks in with his new contract next summer, and whether or not the club back-timed it to include the final year of his present contract. Allvin said no, but there is every intention of keeping Miller around for the long term. Makes sense, it would be a betrayal and public relations suicide to move the club’s leading scorer at this point. Call it a technicality. Who knows, if things go south for the team this season, maybe they contemplate something at the trade deadline, but that’s a whopping ‘if’.

As for Horvat negotiations, the next major event on the agenda to avoid distraction this season and to prepare ahead with financials in place for next summer’s free agent and salary cap season, Allvin repeated himself when answering three different questions and being approached from the angle of ‘importance’ and ‘optimism’ in getting the deal done before training camp or the start of the season.

“We still continue to talk here and as I said we have a lot of respect for Bo, Bo is our captain here and he’s been a good player for his stint in Vancouver,” Allvin said. “Hopefully we can figure something out here.”

Horvat’s agent Pat Morris was less than forthcoming last week as well, indicating it’s not his policy to speak of contract negotiations as a matter of player privacy. He was not necessarily moved by the club’s enthusiasm for their captain and his long-term future following the end of last season. Talks have been active.

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What is with all the negative reporting in Vancouver?
Let’s have a bit of patience. The extending deal will get
done with Bo. These things take time. He is an important
piece to this team and management knows this.
Positivity goes a long way in life.


A couple months ago, Allvin and Rutherford said they were close and there would be no problem resigning Horvat. Now Allvin says they want to keep him IF a deal can be done. It is fair to ask what has changed and why Horvat is still not signed.

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