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Rachel Doerrie Apparently Fired by Canucks



Vancouver Canucks, Rachel Doerrie
Former Vancouver Canucks analytics department member Rachel Doerrie.

Rachel Doerrie, hired by President of Hockey Operations Jim Rutherford early in 2022, has moved on from the hockey club. The reason for her apparent dismissal are not clear. It’s believed the decision was made at the highest levels of the organization.

Editor’s note: The original publishing of the story included a headline that National Hockey Now LLC did not agree with and caused many to read negatively. While National Hockey Now believes the author meant the initial headline in positive terms to identify diversity as a point of pride for hockey and the Canucks, it fell short of that intention. National Hockey Now LLC will further deal with the matter. 

Obviously not with the impact or recognition factor possessed by assistant general managers Cammi Granato and Emilie Castonguay, Doerrie still represented a powerful diversity movement in the organization that has rippled throughout the NHL. It’s a source of pride for management. She lasted in the job approximately eight months.

At the time of her hiring, the 25-year-old Toronto native said she was “thrilled to be a small part of it”, as in the Canucks analytics department.

At the time, Canucks team writer Brett Lee shared details of the diverse resume she had built up over a short period of time.

She was a Video Coach for the Sudbury Wolves in the OHL and for Hockey Canada, a writer for The Athletic, an Analyst for the New Jersey Devils hockey operations department, and recently completed her master’s of science in sport science and analytics at York University. She wrote her thesis while serving as the Director of Advanced Performance for York’s varsity hockey teams and working as a Senior Analyst for the Bank of Montreal. She joins the Canucks and their growing analytics department.

“I’m thrilled, I’m over the moon,” she said at the time of her hiring January 20th. “I don’t really think it’s sunk in yet that I’m joining the Canucks, and everything that they are becoming.”

Doerrie was a regular at practices and training camp sessions, often videotaping the activities on ice. Earlier this month she slid over to Bruce Boudreau’s coaching staff to help as an assistant to the team’s video coach Dylan Crawford.

Doerrie appears to have deleted most the tweets from her twitter account, @racheldoerrie. She has almost 20,000 followers and now only 32 dispatches.

The Canucks had no comment.

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She shot her mouth off on a podcast before being hired by the Canucks, talking about how Peety was faking being hurt last year, Miller was an anti-vax nut job, Benning was an idiot, etc etc.

Zach Bookman

I’ll timed comment about the teams owner maybe ?


Maybe. Maybe not. We will eventually find out, but speculating seems a bit unfair.

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