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A Happier August 16th for Vancouver Canucks Fans … We Think



Vancouver Canucks, covid masks
Vancouver Canucks fans are hoping they don't have to wear masks at Rogers Arena this season.

What a difference a year makes. On August 16th and 17th last year we were writing about two bummers. One, that the Toronto Maple Leafs, if they had fans at all, would require all attendees to have proof of Covid vaccination or a negative test to attend any events. The Vancouver Canucks would soon follow suit.

We also learned at this time a year ago that it was starting to look very unlikely that NHL players would be participating at the Beijing Olympics. Covid was wreaking havoc.

There are still residuals. We still don’t know whether or not those of us in the media will have access to one-on-one conversations with the players in the dressing room this season. Hopefully that’s the pre-Covid routine to which we’re able to return, even if we have to wear masks. It makes a huge difference in coverage, the entertainment factor via accessibility, and makes it a whole lot easier on all of us, including the Vancouver Canucks PR staff.

Unfortunately, ‘best and easiest’ won’t necessarily be the deciding factor.

The National Hockey League released its updated Covid protocols for 2022-’23 training camp and regular season on Tuesday and it appears to take all of the precautions. Although players don’t have to show negative tests to cross the border at this point, unvaccinated players would be subject to quarantine and therefore not available to play. They would subject to suspension and the day-to-day docking of pay.

We have every reason to believe that all current Vancouver Canucks players and staff are fully vaccinated.

The rest of the protocols appear to be legal formalities, ‘if’ there were to be another outbreak or what happens ‘should’ a player test positive.

Doctor, Doctor

In a somewhat related note, the Vancouver Canucks today announced via press release some changes and upgrades with their medical personnel.

Vancouver Canucks General Manager Patrik Allvin announced today that Dr. Bill Regan has been named Head Team Physician, while Dr. Rob Drapala and Dr. Michael Orenstein have also joined the organization as Team Physicians.

Dr. Regan has been a member of the Canucks medical staff for more than 20 years as a Team Physician. In his new role, Dr. Regan will serve as the team’s primary full-time doctor.

The press release did not include comments from Allvin regarding Regan’s ability to make the first pass or how he’s matured over the last three seasons.

Any wagers on whether Dr. Drapala’s nickname is ‘the Count’?

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