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The Vancouver Canucks Radio Allergy



Vancouver Canucks radio
The Vancouver Canucks radio rights are a mystery for this season.

So I’m minding my own business when I notice Tuesday morning that Pittsburgh Hockey Now ran a story about Vancouver Canucks radio. I’m thinkin’, what the hell?! But then again, there’s a reason. No one at the radio station will return my texts, phone calls, or e-mails. I couldn’t do the story if I wanted to.

Must be the two felonies. Oh wait, nope, no felonies. Um, maybe that time I started the facist, white supremacist card playing group in the woods in Oregon? Nope, that didn’t happen. I’m the least racist person I know and I have a lousy poker face. Nazi, octo-sexual, drug addict ??? Nope, I’m none of those. Hmm.

That night in Montreal, May, 2008? Or maybe it was April.

The really sad part about it is, I was going to throw my hat in the ring for the Vancouver Canucks radio colour commentator position. You know, have a forty year veteran of radio broadcasting with the same amount of time around NHL hockey breaking down the action and speaking mostly in complete sentences. Professional broadcaster over an old left winger; the Winnipeg Jets do it.

But alas, I may never know. They might be allergic to something.

Anyhoo – our pals at PHN didn’t so much write about the Vancouver Canucks radio situation, they simply linked to a story about it from the Province. Is that kosher? Sure it is, I recognize and link to good stuff produced by Sportsnet and others all the time in our recaps.

Sportsnet?!?! Wait, don’t they own the radio station? Oh yeah, that’s right, I did write a scathing letter to a Toronto-based broadcast executive because I was very concerned when I heard all of the guys at this radio station might be out of jobs, similar to what happened not long ago to the fellers at TSN.

Figured I could help him. He didn’t answer me either. And this after sub-hosting a national talk show for them.

Province: Sports-media observer Jonah Sigel, who has sources inside Rogers, Bell and elsewhere, pondered on his blog earlier this week whether the Canucks might just launch a team-produced online stream this season. It’s been speculated in the past that the team has had eyes on such a move and with the expiry of their most recent radio contract, a five-year deal signed in 2017 with Sportsnet, the moment may have come.

Whatayaknow, more links.

By the way, I don’t really look at them as competition, we’re all just trying to put our kids through uni’.

((And I have no idea what a octo-sexual is; I’m pretty sure I just made that up))

((btw, I’m on the road for the next nine hours and may be taking some of the day off. It’s OK, they know where not to find me))

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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